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Types of franchises and categories in Australia

There are so many opportunities available for those that are looking to invest in their future and run their own business and buying a franchise is a great way to do this. We have, therefore, put together a list of the best and most popular franchises available.

The research you do to narrow down your options is an important step in the journey. You will need to find the perfect option for you- one that suits your passions, capital investment and will allow you to build a great relationship with your franchisor.

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This industry is booming in Australia, there are millions of cars on the roads and you will benefit from this by offering motorists your services. For many Australians, cars are essential and spending on them accompanies this. So, spend some time finding the franchise that is best suited for your success in this industry.


This sector has extended its reach in recent years as there are plenty of products and services that are now available to men as well as women. Younger customers have also entered the market with social media’s influence. So, investing in a franchise in this industry has a bright future.

Building Maintenance

As a franchisee in this sector, you will be responsible for maintaining commercial, residential and commercial buildings. You will be able to find a franchise no matter your skill level. If you don’t have experience in this sector, look out for the franchisors that will offer you the right training. While you may start out as a one-person team, there will be room to grow as you get more customers.


This is an industry that can offer a lot of exciting challenges for entrepreneurs. If you understand the industry and have the right skills, you can build a successful business. There are a few different options when it comes to finding the right franchise. Determine whether you want to work from home and what capital you have available for the initial investment.


There are a range of services that franchises in this sector offer. You will need to find the service that you most connect with. Whether this is a medical or non-medical service, nursing or assisted living, you will be able to make a difference in people’s lives.


This sector can be an extremely rewarding one for those who are passionate about children. There has been a steady increase in the need that parents have for extra-curricular activities. There are numerous franchises available and you will be able to steadily grow your business.


Most of the cleaning franchises that are available specialize in either commercial or home cleaning. There are a few other options, though, like laundry or cleaning franchises. More and more organisations and individuals are choosing to outsource their cleaning, and this is where your business would come in.

Clothing & Accessories

While there are still benefits to having a bricks and mortar space, the ecommerce sphere is growing rapidly. You should consider this when you are finding the right franchise to invest in. You can successfully use the franchisor’s tried and tested systems to make sure that your business thrives.


Its undeniable that online businesses are an increasingly attractive choice and are growing in success. So, you have probably thought about buying an online business so that you can take advantage of this. Well, becoming a franchisee in this sector is a great route to take in order to achieve your goals.


Employers and parents alike are looking for education and training services. There is a wide range of franchises that target many different niches. Live streamed and online classes are gaining popularity and this is good news for a business owner in this industry.


Most events franchises don’t require that you have a location but rather that you run them from home. This keeps down the start-up costs for anyone going into the industry. Although you may benefit from having customer service experience, most franchisors will not have this as an essential requirement. It is more important that you have entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

Flowers, Gifts & Card

This industry has changed a lot in the last decade. You will, therefore, need to keep up to date with these changes as more and more people are shopping online. Many people will be interested in gifts that are unique and this will be important to keep in mind when finding the right franchise.


Whether you have experience in this industry or not, you can find a great option for you. You will, however, need a passion for customer services and a great deal of enthusiasm for the industry. A great advantage will be your ability to stick to the proven formula of the franchise.


This sector has the advantage of high levels of repeat business. A health-conscious society works to your benefit and finding a franchisor that has great marketing and branding will be an important part of building a successful business.


Whether you are hoping to run a barbershop, hair salon or a hair care retailer, becoming a franchisee will give you the best economy of scale that you need to be successful in this industry. Adding some extra services to your offerings can also be an effective business strategy so keep this in mind when deciding on the right franchise.


The health industry has become more and more of a focus for society at large and so you should strike while the iron is hot by buying a health franchise. Check to see what franchises will require that you have specific qualifications or experience.

Home Improvement

DIY and other home improvement services are outsourced more and more and so you should find a rewarding opportunity in this sector. One of the skills that will come in handy if you are hoping to grow your business is being able to manage a team.


Australian hotels attract thousands of tourists each year and there is a very healthy domestic tourism industry that businesses in the hotel sector can rely on. Becoming a franchisor will let you buy into a brand that these tourists trust.

Legal & Finance

Becoming a franchisee in this industry is a great idea as larger firms with recognised brands are popular with customers. Owning a franchise will give you the chance to run your own business but be part of a larger parent company.


If you’re looking to run a business in recreation, entertainment, sport or tourism, this is the sector for you. You can find a life-style business in this sector that will give you a great work/life balance. You will still have to work hard in this sector if you want to run a successful business, however, you will often find yourself in your desired environment.

Mail & Courier

Many businesses in this sector offer a range of services that can include printing and copying services, virtual offices, design and mailbox rental. A diversified income stream is a great way to ensure your business does well. So, find a franchise with a business model that offers you this.

Media & Marketing

Going into this industry operating under a recognised and trusted brand will give you a leg up against the competition. That is why becoming a franchisee is the perfect option for entrepreneurs looking to run a business in this sector.

Pawn Broker

There is a large number of franchises available in this sector. Most businesses in this industry operate in person and you will be dealing with customers daily offering secured loans in exchange for the items that they give as collateral.

Personal Services

Becoming a franchisee in this sector will allow you to work from home and you will not require a storefront. Although most of your business will probably be conducted online, some businesses might require that you travel to see clients.


Australians love their pets! Nearly two out of three households have a pet, and they are all willing to spend money on them to keep their pets healthy and happy. There are a range of pet franchises available that cover all aspects of pet care so find the one that is the perfect fit and embark on a career working with our furry friends.


If you have a passion for photography and a creative flare, owning a photography franchise is the perfect direction for you. You will also need to be a people person as you will be working with people on a daily basis. Find a franchise that operated in the right sector for your passions.


Going into this sector will require that you have the available funds or equity. You should be careful not to overextend yourself! Becoming a franchisee in this industry will allow you to take advantage of the marketing and brand of the franchisor and you will be given useful leads to get you off to a running start.

Signs & Printing

There are many franchises in this sector with tried and tested formulas that will help you run a smooth and successful business. Becoming a franchisee will allow you to lean on the experience and brand recognition of the franchisor.

Sports & Fitness

You should have a keen interest in health and fitness if you are looking to become a franchisee in this sector, however, you don’t necessarily need specific experience. One of the most important skills in this industry will actually be managerial and organisational skills.

Top Franchises

With so many amazing opportunities in franchising, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your search. That’s why we have grouped together all the top franchises in one place so you can find the franchise that is the perfect for you.


You can turn your love of travel into your career by becoming a franchisee in this sector. Make sure that you have good customer service skills and are a very organised person. Keep in mind that most of your work will happen online.

Van Based

There are a lot of different sectors that can be classified as van based- from catering to handyman services. Decide what you sector you are interested in and narrow down your search.


If you are looking to run a franchise that is designed to fit the needs of women or is aimed at attracting female customers and clients, this is the right sector for you. Find a franchise that is catered to your needs.

Work from Home

Many people go into franchising for the freedom that it can offer you as a business owner. One of these freedoms is being able to work from home and that is why we have put together all the work from home options in one place.

Business format
This type of franchise is one that allows you to buy into an established brand name and will let you become a business owner that gets the backing and support of a parent company. You will pay royalties and a franchisor fee in return for this support.
This type of franchise is one that will require your investment and the ability to run a franchise but will not require that you are involved in the day to day running of the business. Consider your skillset when deciding on the right type of franchise to invest in.
Conversion franchising lets franchisors increase the locations that they have and the reach of their business by switching multiple locations to franchises. Another type of conversion franchising is when similar independent businesses become franchise units.
If you are looking to manufacture and sell the goods of a franchisor, you will be looking to enter into a manufacturing franchise agreement. The product that you sell will have the name and trademark of the franchisor and be made to the specifications of the franchisor.
Job Franchising
If you are looking to be responsible for the day to day running of the business and providing the services or product, you should be looking to invest in a job franchise. This will also include work from home or van-based franchises.