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M&A guides

M&A Guides

The Australian M&A market is confident and continuously growing. Mergers and acquisitions are complex transactions that are different to buying or selling a small business.

In these guides, we offer a detailed explanation of what M&A is, the advantages and disadvantages, and what the seller and buyer perspective consist of.

If you’re thinking of acquiring or merging with another company, or you’re just interested to find out more about the process, our guides will offer valuable and credible information.

Mergers and Acquisitions Guide

Mergers and acquisitions are transactions executed for multiple reasons, including strategic corporate restructuring, streamlining efficiency, increasing profitability, and establishing power in a competitive marketplace.

This guide offers an analysis of the M&A process, including definitions, advantages and disadvantages, and examples.

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The Buyer’s Perspective: Mergers and Acquisitions

When pursuing M&A deals, two sides are needed to complete the transaction: a buy-side and a sell-side.

If you are a buyer considering an M&A deal, there are multiple variables, documents, strategies, and steps you need to consider. This guide will provide useful insights and guidance from the buyer’s perspective.

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