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KD ECO+ Laminates - Services Franchise

Are you tired of the mundane routine of your current job? Are you seeking financial freedom and the opportunity to chart your own career path? Look no further than KD's Franchise Program!

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KD ECO+ Laminates – Global Franchise

One of the largest and most lucrative franchise opportunities in the Australia, KD is now looking for international franchise partners, boasting a staggering hundred million USD in global business development program. We're on the hunt for savvy franchisees and visionary entrepreneurs across all metropolises worldwide.

Seize the moment and stake your claim in the thriving landscape of entrepreneurship with KD.

Benefits of Investing in KD Franchise Program

  1. Credibility: KD is a premier brand in wooden product manufacturing, renowned for pioneering the latest technology in wooden laminates. With a presence in over 36+ global locations and a network of 100+ distribution channels worldwide, KD boasts unparalleled credibility and market penetration.
  2. Tried & Tested: Our business processes and franchise systems have undergone years of development and refinement, successfully proven in our home base in Taiwan and across South East Asia. This extensive experience ensures seamless transferability to other countries, providing a solid foundation for franchise success.
  3. Growing Demand for Laminates: The global demand for sustainable wood alternatives, such as laminate, is experiencing a significant upsurge. With eco-conscious consumers increasingly seeking environmentally-friendly options, KD’s Franchise Program taps into a lucrative and expanding market segment.
  4. Comprehensive Training and Support: KD is committed to empowering franchisees with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive. We offer tailored training programs to enhance product knowledge and provide online resources for convenient access. Additionally, franchisees gain access to CRM systems and outsourcing services, equipping them with essential support for their entrepreneurial journey.
  5. Kick-start Support: KD will provide potential customer data within your territory, empowering you to engage through cold calling or personal visits. Armed with our catalog and samples, you'll confidently showcase our products, building trust and securing sales.
  6. Revenue and Break Even: Within the Australian region and the designated franchise territory, achieving break-even is attainable within a few months. Moreover, you can expect to recoup your initial investment within the same year.


How It Works

The KD Franchise program offers a home-based business franchise model, granting you the autonomy to own your enterprise without the weight of franchise fees or daunting office setup requirements. Say goodbye to inventory concerns. Instead, focus on engaging potential clients through straightforward methods like cold calling, showcasing catalogs and samples, and diligent follow-ups to convert leads into loyal customers.

About the Company

Since 2002, KD has dedicated itself to manufacturing and advancing wooden products. Through steadfast commitment to research and development, we have continually refined our offerings, aiming for excellence.

Listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Market (TWSE: 6655) and boasting over 1000 employees, KD has redefined interior design standards globally. With regional offices in Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, and Indonesia, we've established ourselves as a leading brand in the decorative material market.


Global Success Story

Since its launch in September 2023, KD ECO⁺ Laminates has made waves across diverse global hubs, garnering remarkable revenue. From bustling metropolises like Taipei and Kuala Lumpur to prominent markets such as Singapore and India, our product has captivated customers, propelling us towards continued expansion and triumph.

Our Product: KD ECO⁺ Laminates

Introducing our groundbreaking Eco+ Laminates. Unlike traditional laminates, ours redefine what you expect from this essential household material. Imagine over 100+ vibrant color shades that mimic the natural look of wood flawlessly. But it doesn't stop there.

Our laminate is designed to match the color on all sides, ensuring a consistent and seamless finish. Plus, it's incredibly flexible, bendable, making it perfect for curved surfaces. And durability? It's scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and can withstand heat, ensuring it looks stunning for years to come. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to safety and the environment.

With no melamine and the lowest formaldehyde levels, our laminate prioritizes your well-being and sustainability. Say goodbye to conventional laminates and embrace the future with Hyper Realistic Printing Technology.

This innovative product is designed to capture market attention swiftly, establishing brand presence and offering lucrative opportunities for franchisees. By concentrating on this single, high-impact product, franchisees can efficiently utilize resources, accelerate market penetration, and achieve rapid growth.


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