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How to Run an Aged Care Home

If you have bought a care home, you’ll need to get some tips on how to run it. That’s why you need to read this!

Running an aged care home will take a sustainable amount of energy along with steady patience and a caring disposition.

As an owner, you’ll need to do the following on a daily basis:

  • Oversee the preparation and service of nutritious meals : Since most residents won’t cook, you’re responsible for helping them maintain a healthy diet. Malnutrition is a common issue in aged care facilities, so hire a trained dietician to plan the menus.
  • Manage staff: Hire, train, and supervise a positive and caring staff and give them the proper training and support so they can create an upbeat environment for the residents.
  • Inspect facility: Examine your facility and conduct repairs and renovations as needed to ensure your residents’ safety.
  • Oversee cleaning: Hire a reputable company to daily clean and sanitise the facility.
  • Maintain records: Manage inventory and order supplies and equipment when needed. Keep detailed medical records about all residents in your care.

Care home


Currently, the majority of aged care facilities are being built as resort-style developments in suburban areas and are designed with the goal of improving the residents’ overall experience by providing the following amenities:

  • Smaller private dining and living areas instead of large dining halls and lounges
  • Living areas designed for older residents (85 years plus)
  • Specialised care for residents with dementia
  • Access to typical community amenities like gyms, cafes, cinemas, theatres, libraries, hairdressers, etc.
  • Landscaped gardens, courtyards, and outdoor seating areas
  • Optimal access to nursing stations, the kitchen, and laundry facilities with the latest technology

Savvy owners are offering multigenerational buildings that promote a diversity of community represented by all ages.


You’ll need to maintain disability-friendly spaces by providing specialised household aids for bathing and dining and by installing handrails throughout the facility to give residents the freedom to safely walk around with confidence.

Also, a reputable care home should provide mobility and support equipment like lifting devices, motorised wheelchairs, and adjustable beds.

care home


To be successful in this industry, it’s essential that you establish credibility and focus on building a good reputation within the community.

When it comes to the well-being of a loved one, people need to trust the standard of care that your facility offers. Tell authentic stories about how your company cares for its residents in a unique way that sets you apart from the competition.

Typically, your website is the first interaction that prospective customers have with your business. So, build a user-friendly website, and use compelling photos and videos to engage your audience.

Be sure to publish blogs on your site to highlight what your facility is doing, offer tips for elderly care, share inspiring stories of your residents, and advertise about upcoming events.

If you want to offer government-subsidised aged care, you’ll need to apply to be a government-approved provider. Once approved, you would be listed as a recommended provider on their My Aged Care website.

You can also advertise as a private, independent provider on My Aged Care as well as other search directories like the Aged Care Guide.


  • Ever-changing legislation: It can be difficult to stay on top of changing legislation within this sector. Owners have to contend with tighter regulatory controls and higher compliance costs due to the government’s Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.
  • High level of responsibility: Until you have quality staff that you can delegate responsibility to, you may be required to carry much of the burden associated with running the facility and overseeing the residents’ care.

To offset these challenges, be diligent about researching and complying with all legislation. Consider enlisting the help of the government by submitting a request for aged care compliance education.

care home

The road to success

It’s essential that you take the time to hire, train, and supervise top-notch employees. They should be caring and compassionate individuals who are dedicated to improving the residents’ quality of life.

According to a recent IBISWorld report, in addition to hiring and retaining highly skilled staff, the other factors contributing to success in this industry are offering easy accessibility for clients and staying compliant with government regulations.

Growth opportunities

To stay relevant in this industry, it’s important to stay abreast of changing customer expectations, shifts in the market, and ever-evolving competition.

  • Know your customers: To stay competitive, you’ll need to attract and retain customers, so define your target customer and then cater to their wants and needs.
  • Study your competition: Be aware of what others are doing in the industry, and then be innovative and creative in your approach.
  • Retain quality employees: Highly trained staff are key to your overall success.

Finally, when you have everything running smoothly and in excellent shape, it’s a smart idea to have an exit strategy prepared. Visit here to learn more about having your business ready for sale. Or, discover more opportunities on our site!

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