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Working from home as a real-estate entrepreneur

Faced with a life-threatening operation, Rhonda courageously kept her business afloat despite her tribulations.

Rhonda Madden on the foundations of her property investment business...

"The slogan of my business is creating wealth through knowledge and strategies. So that's the whole idea: you've got to have the knowledge and then you put the strategies in place.

A lot of agents just sell property, but there are lots of opportunities to build a portfolio and that's what we provide.

"We provide different opportunities, a mixture of properties that people can buy. We provide information notes like webinars and seminars; we try and teach people the correct procedures to move forward."

I had a major operation nearly three years ago and I could have died...but I was working from home I was able to chip away and get through it

On Queensland's property market at the moment...

"It's very, very slow. When I say slow I mean for the sellers, but it's a good opportunity for the buyers. If you know what you're looking for, believe me there's lots of ways you can buy property.

"If you're a really astute property investor, good or bad, you'll find property. It's not a good time for sellers, but it's a damn good time for buyers."

Advice for would-be entrepreneurs...

"You've got to have persistence, tenacity and never lose sight of what you want, even though things get pretty tough at times.

"I had a major operation nearly three years ago and I could have died. I couldn't drive for three months but because I was working from home I was able to chip away and get through it.

"It's about determination; always keep your goal in sight. If you have to make changes, so be it. Make the changes necessary and somehow or another you do come out the other end."

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Sam Lewis

About the author

Sam graduated from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication with a BA(Hons) in Fashion Design, having specialised in promotion. In addition to this, Sam is also responsible for the production of podcasts for all Dynamis websites.


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