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Why buy a pharmacy?

Buying a pharmacy is great if you are prepared to go into specialised retail. If you are a pharmacist, you may be keen to run your own business. Make sure that you are able to find a niche that you can fill in your community. Consider becoming a franchisee if you want support from a franchisor when you are getting started.

Popular pharmacies for sale

Why buy a petrol station?

A petrol station can be a highly profitable business if you are business minded and ready to work hard. Finding a petrol station that is in the right location will mean that you should be sure of constant passing trade and, if you can attach a shop to your petrol station you can earn money from retail too. Petrol is not an optional good for motorists so you should be in a position to increase sales as the traffic on the roads grows.

Popular petrol stations for sale

Why buy a laundromat?

A laundry is a business with a reliable income and a simple business model. You need to be able to maintain your machines and make sure they are always in good condition; however, you will need very few staff members. You can also add additional services if you want to make your business a modern hub where customers enjoy coming to.

Popular laundromats for sale

Why buy a bottle shop?

Growing demand for craft beers and a widening array of other alcoholic beverages has made stocking decisions a more interesting challenge for bottle shops. Specialisation and knowledgeable customer service can give a competitive advantage for businesses in this sector in this era of bewildering choice.

Popular bottle shops for sale

Why buy a convenience store?

Carefully consider the location of the business that you are going to buy when buying a convenience store. You should settle on a business that has good passing foot fall so that you can be sure of a constant passing trade. This can be a great investment if you find the ideal location!

Popular convenience stores for sale

Why buy a supermarket?

Supermarkets can be the main stay of the local community. This is also a business that will always be in demand no matter the economic climate. You will not need any specific skills apart from good business acumen and a strong work ethic. This sector is also full of amazing franchise opportunities if you are keen to have the brand recognition that comes with this route to ownership.

Popular supermarkets for sale

Why buy an internet business?

An online business is a great way to have a store that operates 24 hours a day, often with the option for you to choose your own hours. Many businesses in this sector can be operated by a single person, especially in their infancy. You will need to have a good head for marketing, though, if you want to stand out from the competition.

Popular internet businesses for sale

Why buy a take away?

Take away businesses are more popular now that ever. The convenience of this business model for customers guarantees that this popularity is not going to change for some time. In fact, if you are able to offer delivery, you are sure to attract even more business and customers that opt to stay indoors.

Popular take aways for sale

Why buy a hotel?

Hotels are the workhorses of the tourism industry. A tolerance of long hours, working weekends and out-of-season personal holidays; a strong worth ethic; and an eagerness to please are essential to the makeup of a successful hotelier. Meet these demanding criteria and you can enjoy a business where every day is different and the rewards lie in making people happy.

Popular hotels for sale

Why buy a guest houses and b&b?

The best bed and breakfasts are run by sociable owners with a ‘nothing is a problem’ attitude. B&Bs are hard work, but incredibly rewarding. Now accounting for a fifth of the UK’s total serviced accommodation sector, B&Bs can offer a cosiness and warm, personalised service that hotels simply cannot match.

Popular guest houses and b&bs for sale

Why buy a motel?

A motel, essentially a hotel without internal corridors, is designed with a motorist in mind. Location is still key, as with a hotel, but a motel owner chooses a location based on very different criteria. A tolerance of long hours, working weekends and out-of-season personal holidays; a strong worth ethic; and an eagerness to please are essential to the makeup of a successful motelier

Popular motels for sale

Why buy a coffee shop?

Selling Australia’s favourite hot beverage – now surpassing even tea – the coffee shop market has grown sevenfold since 1999 and could double over the next decade. A coffee shop is best owned by a perfectionist. Distilling the ingredients, staff and ambience into a mix that is ‘just so’ is the defining goal of independent café culture.

Popular coffee shops for sale

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