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United Petroleum - Petrol Station Franchise

Join Australia's Fastest growing Petrol and Convenience retailer.


Join Australia's Fastest growing Petrol and Convenience retailer.

Marketing Support

We recognise the power of effective marketing in driving success. Commission Agents enjoy a unique advantage with our tailored marketing support. Unlike a franchise model, Commission Agents receive a customised promotional pack designed by our in-house marketing team every month, without an additional cost. This pack includes everything from eye-catching shelf tickets to attention-grabbing wobblers, external banners, and captivating artwork. It's a complete package aimed at enhancing the visual appeal of their store and enticing customers with exclusive promotions.

While localised efforts are crucial, our Commission Agents also benefit from the strength of our national marketing initiatives. Our brand's identity is reinforced through strategic campaigns that go beyond individual stores. This not only boosts the visibility of each store but also attracts a broader customer base. As a Commission Agent, you're not just leveraging local marketing; you're part of a national movement that solidifies the United, Quickstop and Pie Face brands as household names.

United Petroleum Franchise

Training Provided

Training and Support

At United Petroleum, we believe that success starts with the right knowledge. That’s why, all of our Commission Agents, as part of their onboarding, undergo comprehensive training consisting of:

  • In-Depth Learning: Covering all aspects of convenience store operation, detailed insights into the petroleum industry, and best practices for presenting Pie Face offerings.
  • Transformative Experience: More than just ticking boxes, our training instils competence and confidence for navigating diverse business challenges.
  • Expertise Preparation: Agents are well-prepared to handle the complexities of their business with skill and confidence.
  • Mentor Program: As part of the $3,000 applicable training fee, CAs will benefit from a dedicated mentor to provide guidance and expert advice through their business journey.

Ongoing Support

Our Head Office Support Team is dedicated to the ongoing development of our Commission Agents through continuous support and training initiatives. This ensures that our Agents remain up-to-date on industry best practices, can adapt to new technologies, and continue to lead in the competitive retail landscape.

Skills Required

  • Qualifications and Experience: We are seeking passionate and driven individuals committed to customer satisfaction with a background in food service, business management and/or retail. Candidates should demonstrate a customer-centric mindset, recognising the importance of prioritising customer needs at every turn. Individuals must have an understanding of the financial aspects of owning a business, including proficient cash flow management, which extends to commission agents and their staff. Candidates must also demonstrate a commitment to maintaining compliance, especially surrounding food safety, at all times.
  • Key Traits: CAs should excel in customer service and possess interpersonal skills. CAs should have a strong understanding of business management and financial acumen (particularly around cash flow management), have leadership skills, and prior experience with staff recruitment. Aptitude for food service and effective communication is essential.
  • Front-End Skills: The ideal Commission Agent should excel in retail skills, prioritise quality customer service, have a pleasant personality, strong communication skills, and customer relationship-building abilities. They should also be sales-focused and maintain a clean and professional self-appearance.
  • Required Skills: Candidates should demonstrate a strong work ethic, adaptability, flexibility with working hours, the ability to manage and delegate tasks, and a commitment to maintaining cleanliness within the store. Proficiency in handling products, machinery, and technology, such as ovens and cabinets, is essential. Knowledge of food safety and the ability to upsell products to customers is also crucial.
  • Minimum Food Experience: Candidates should provide evidence of being the sole manager of a food business for more than 12 months within the last 5 years, an understanding of food handling, high standards for cleanliness and personal grooming, and the ability to provide training certificates and referees to support their food business experience. Passion for properly prepared food is a key attribute.

About the Opportunity:

Are you ready to embark on a profitable and exciting adventure with one of Australia’s fastest-growing brands, while becoming an integral part of your local community? Then you’re in luck because United Petroleum is actively recruiting commission agents (CA) to operate integrated United, Quickstop and Pie Face locations right now!

What makes United Petroleum the perfect opportunity?

Fueling Your Success

  • Proven Profitability: Established track record in the high-demand fuel and convenience market translates to strong revenue potential.
  • Community Hub: Become a central part of your neighbourhood, offering essential services and fostering friendly connections with customers.
  • Growth Opportunities: Expand your portfolio with a scalable business model designed for multi-site ownership and future diversification.

Empowering Your Journey

  • Comprehensive Training: Gain in-depth knowledge of operations, fuel management, and customer service through our dedicated Step-Up training program.
  • Marketing Powerhouse: Leverage our national brand recognition and targeted marketing campaigns to drive foot traffic and boost local sales.
  • Operational Support Network: Benefit from ongoing guidance and expert advice from our experienced regional operations team

Fueling Your Passion

  • Be Your Own Boss: Take charge of your career and build a successful business aligned with your entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Rewarding Career: Make a positive impact on your community while enjoying the financial rewards and personal satisfaction of running a thriving business.

Beyond the Pump

  • Innovation Leader: Be at the forefront of the industry with our commitment to sustainable practices, cutting-edge technology, and evolving customer needs.
  • Strong Supply Chain: Our established vendor relationships ensure consistent product availability and competitive pricing, benefiting both franchisees and customers.
  • Community Focus: Partner with local organisations and initiatives to foster positive connections and build brand loyalty within your community with United Fuel Card.

State of the Art Technology

  • Point of Sale (POS) System: Benefit from a centralised POS system, owned by United, eliminating costs for CAs.
  • eLog Expiry System: To ensure food safety, all prepared Pie Face food products are meticulously logged in our system to manage food shelf life. Reminder emails are sent to maintain accuracy and safety standards.
  • Precision Oven Controls: We preprogram all ovens, streamline cooking processes and maintain control over this critical aspect.

Inside of a gas station shop

Whether it’s a new location, one of 100+ sites being refitted to include Pie Face in the coming years, or an existing location undertaking a CA changeover, get ready to experience an exciting and rewarding journey by joining United Petroleum as a Commission Agent today.

Benefits of becoming a Commission Agent with United Petroleum:

Low-Risk, Multiple Income Streams Business Model

  • Low Setup and Entry Costs: United Petroleum offers a streamlined business model with exceptionally low setup and entry costs, starting from a minimum of $250k.
  • Risk Minimisation: This low barrier to entry isn't just about affordability; it's a strategic move to minimise risks for Commission Agents, providing a clear path to a profitable business model boasting multiple income streams, growth potential and achievable success.
  • Diversified Income Streams: Commission Agents enjoy a variety of income channels, which involve generating revenue from fuel sales and retail transactions. These sources of income encompass a cents-per-litre mechanism outlined in the United Petroleum Commission Agent Agreement, as well as the sales of United Petroleum-approved retail products. United Petroleum assumes responsibility for product range management and equipment investments, alleviating Commission Agents from capital expenditure burdens.
  • Drive-Thru Opportunities: United Petroleum offers drive-thru opportunities and the potential for new developments that create additional avenues for revenue generation, giving you even more opportunities to grow your business.

Mature Establishment and Expansion

  • Established Brand: United Petroleum has been in business since 1993 and has established a robust foundation for its brand, providing a mature establishment with a proven track record that you can trust.

Quality Products and Australian Ownership

  • 100% Australian-Owned: Pie Face products, including those made with Australian beef and RSPCA-approved chicken, are 100% Australian-owned. This aligns with our commitment to quality and supporting local produce.
  • Product Variety: As a Commission Agent, you will have access to a wide range of products, including hot/cold drinks, snacks, ready-to-eat foods, tobacco products, and personal care items, complementing United Petroleum’s offerings.


United Petroleum’s directors began their journey in the petroleum industry in 1981, operating a group of service stations under the Astron banner.

Astron, who was closely associated with Esso (an Exxon Company) at the time, had constructed 23 new sites by 1990 operating under the Esso brand throughout Victoria. In 1993, United Petroleum opened a chain of service stations/convenience stores in South Australia under the United name before expanding operations into Victoria. Over the next two years, United Petroleum fast-tracked its growth by building networks in New South Wales, ACT and Queensland.

Across the late 90s, United Petroleum acquired and developed sites in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania to complete a national network of service stations and associated tenancies. Committed and driven to provide all Australians with a better price on fuel, United Petroleum vertically integrated via the acquisition of fuel import terminals in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania in the mid-2000s.

Control of terminal facilities has allowed United Petroleum to seek high-quality petroleum products, not only from refineries within our shores but also via the importation of bulk tanker loads. This allows United Petroleum to increase supply-chain security, and provide pricing and negotiating benefits directly to the customer, by competing more aggressively on fuel price with major competitors. Today, United Petroleum operates approximately 400 sites in regional and metro areas across Australia, offering employment opportunities for over 2,500 Australians.

In 2017, United Petroleum purchased the iconic Australian brand Pie Face as part of a diversified growth strategy to expand into new businesses – and it has been an incredible success. Since then, while maintaining the traits that turned Pie Face into a household name, Pie Face’s growth, quality and offerings have reached new heights, captivating the taste buds of Australians across the nation. In fact, at The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition for 2023, Pie Face received 18 medals out of 18 entries for just their pies alone, with three of them topping their categories and taking home three golds.

Quickstop has been a vital part of the evolution of the United Petroleum brand, and an integral part of its rejuvenation, ever since its introduction. In fact, United Petroleum Quickstop has become a name synonymous with countless communities across Australia as a one-stop shop offering great value.

Quickstop’s rise as a core convenience brand for many Australians is largely thanks to three core values:

  • Unbeatable Value: Offering competitive prices on a wide range of quality convenience products, giving shoppers more value for money every day.
  • Unmatched Convenience: Located at popular locations and with extended trading hours, customers can always find what they need, when they need it.
  • Best Service and Community Spirit: Through community programs and a local team behind the counter, Quickstop’s community-first approach provides a welcoming experience for everyone.

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