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Listen To Your Body - Fitness Franchise

Enjoy financial and personal rewards with this high performing gym franchise.

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Territory Information

Franchise Fee:
$27K+GST (Funding available for this)
Total Investment:
$150,000 Aud

Listen To Your Body

A Personalised Fitness Franchise that performs!

We’re an established, proven Fitness Franchise that have a genuine point of difference through our Personalised Group Fitness model.

Why choose LTYB?

The Fitness industry has many great brands on offer. The key is to find a brand that has a genuine point of difference that can drive sustainable success.

Established in 2004, LTYB have developed a timeless model through Personalisation in a group fitness model. A one size fits all has never appealed to the LTYB brand as this makes the business model vulnerable due to competitors offering circuits to the masses.

LTYB stand out in a crowded market and thrive in saturated territories through our programmed zones, personalised workouts which allow age groups from 12-80+ train at a LTYB knowing they don’t have to keep up with the next members.

We are not shy to target the 45+ inactive market who won’t be motivated to train by themselves at a gym or join in a large group. Accountability drives results and when every workout is achievable, the results and retention magic happens.

Within each of our 8 zones, there is multiple level exercises the trainer personalises. As a Franchise Owner, you receive all the tools, systems, processes, support, programming which allows you to thrive.

LTYB greatest strengths are Franchise Support, Franchise Performance, strong economics and member retention which landed at 98.5% in recent data.

If you have a passion for fitness and want to create your own health and fitness community, keep reading.


How we’ll support you

From the moment a Franchise partner purchases a territory, we start the support process by working very closely to find a site, negotiate a lease, project manage, find and train your PT team, activating the lead generation campaign, presale memberships, provide all preferred/exclusive suppliers, Franchisee Induction and everything else to get you to the start line.

In simple, we guide our Franchises every step of the way from Franchise Agreement to Open Day.

Our ongoing support system is our greatest strength with 4 Site visits a year, Weekly internal news, Quarterly state meetings, Internal LTYB Central portal with years of content built, an Epic Annual Conference and anything else required to help our owners profit fast.

LTYBHQ Support-

  • Project management to help your launch
  • Find a site
  • Negotiate a lease
  • Recruitment support
  • Sales training
  • Financial management
  • Business management assistance
  • Marketing campaigns and lead generation
  • Performance coaching
  • Thousands of dollars’ worth of savings through LTYB suppliers
  • Group Buying
  • Anything else required to get you to 200 members per month.


Our latest achievements

  • 784 attendance per week is our current record
  • High Achievers nailing $45K+ per month (breakeven $22K on average)
  • 35% Network growth in recent 12 month period
  • 5 Territories sold in a recent 9 week period
  • 80% profit for high achievers
  • Network average of 27%+ profit
  • Recent Studio opens hit profit by Month 1
  • 90% Franchisee Renewals
  • The average lifespan for early Franchisees in 9 years
  • Many studios between 150-300 Debits at$55 PW average

Our proof of success

“The help and support from the HQ team has been incredible to the point I wouldn’t know where to start going this alone. Everything from lease negotiations to building and training our PT team, I highly recommend exploring a LTYB Franchise.”

- Amanda, Diggers Rest

“The programming support has been a massive success driver for our team. We just hit 700 sessions per week, 255 on our Debit run at an average of $50 per person.

LTYBHQ are always super supportive and responsive, they just made everything so easy.

- James, LTYB Marden

“LTYBHQ continue to innovate and improve systems. I still learn so much from our site visits and weekly communication.” I have been with LTYB for 12 years and have been super impressed with the growth from where we started. In fact, I am about to open my 2nd studio and looking at a 3rd.

- Andrew, LTYB Strathmore

“We have run a very strong studio for over 9 years and positively impacted the lives of so many in our community… This is the best decision we have ever made.”

- Leanne – LTYB Fairfield

I opened LTYB Williamstown in late 2021 and stopped taking new members by month 4 as I couldn’t fit any more in. We hit profit in week 3, full by week 17, had a profit of over $200K first year and the purchased my 2nd studio. I currently have 8 staff, close to 600 members and 2 studios in the top 4 LTYB performers. I recently purchased 2 more territories.

Ben and the team have been sensational since Day 1. I met other brands, but I knew straight away my values aligned to LTYB.

Marco – LTYB Williamstown and Brunswick

Important financial information

Average studio investment is $150,000 + Equipment Finance (Funding available)

Minimum investment: $120,000 (Inc Franchise fee, Working cap, Leasing cost, Fit-out items and Marketing Launch)

Franchise Licence fee $27K+GST (Funding available for this)

Breakeven $20K-$22K Per month (Active members 120 per month)

Feel free to enquire to learn more!



James, LTYB Marden
James, LTYB Marden
I was a 28-year-old Accountant in my previous career and always wanted to run my own business in an industry I was passionate about, hence why Fitness was the perfect fit. I found Ben and LTYB to be super responsive through the whole process and the support has been incredible. The ...
Andrew, LTYB Strathmore
Andrew, LTYB Strathmore
07 July 2023
I was a Studio Manager at Strathmore for many years until I eventually purchased the flagship studio from Ben who is the current CEO and Founder of LTYB. The thing that impresses me is I have been in the system for 12 years and the LTYBHQ continue to innovate, improve systems and I still ...
Leanne – LTYB Fairfield
Leanne – LTYB Fairfield
I was a LTYB member for 3 years and fell in love with the individualised, inclusive workouts. I loved it that much, we decided to buy a LTYB almost 10 years ago. We have run a very strong studio for over 9+ years and positively impacted the lives of so many in our community. We have found ...
Marco – LTYB Williamstown and Brunswick
Marco – LTYB Williamstown and Brunswick
I shopped multiple brands for many months before I found LTYB. Ben was the best to deal with as he was super-fast on communication, very honest, not greedy and made the process to open my own studio so easy. I launched my business with a huge member base, I got a 100% ROI within 20 weeks ...
Listen To Your Body Franchise
Listen To Your Body Franchise
Ben and Mel chat about the origin of LTYB, the cost of setting up, how much space you need, and how many members I need to break even. What type of turnover are the current clubs turning over? Typical locations, and is this business suitable for newcomers?
Listen To Your Body Franchise
Listen To Your Body Franchise
Ben and Mel chat about the origin of LTYB, the cost of setting up, how much space you need, and how many members I need to break even. What type of turnover are the current clubs turning over? Typical locations, and is this business suitable for newcomers?
LTYB Franchise 2022
LTYB Franchise 2022
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What do we do at LTYB?
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LTYB Training Session
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LTYB Training Session
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LTYB Franchising
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