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Dropkul - Dropkul Online Dropshipping eCommerce Store with Lowest Investment Franchise

With franchises available in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia, now is the time to become part of this highly profitable network!

Territory Information

San Diego
Total Investment:

Opportunity to Start Your Own Online Dream Business

Multiple Drop-shipping Based Readymade Businesses

It starts from 129 USD Only


Choose as Per Your Interest & Passion – Sell Worldwide
Work From Home – Fully Automatic – High Income Potential

The Opportunity

We sell the world’s most profitable ‘Drop-shipping Based Online eCommerce Businesses’ that allow you to ‘Work From Home’ without giving up your present job/business or passion. The best part is that you don’t have to invest serious money in this business because we have business options starting from 129 USD only.

By investing this amount, you will become the owner of your own mini AMAZON or eBay kind of online eCommerce portal. Also, we give you the privilege to choose your own choice of business name & brand for your new business. The process is straightforward, and anyone can start this business very quickly. With this business you can sell to whole world by sitting anywhere in the world. 

Our beautifully designed online eCommerce businesses are set to start earning from day one. We pre-made them to help you save time, money, effort and weeks of a headache to find a good content writer, designer, developer, trustworthy drop shipper, etc. These businesses are already connected to the drop shippers of their business niche. They are fully automatic businesses. You will be the complete official owner of the store once purchased from us.

What is Drop-shipping?

What is Drop-shipping?

Let’s understand this in four easy steps:

  • A customer purchases the product on your eCommerce store.
  • The order information goes directly to your drop-shipping partner/supplier.
  • The Supplier picks, packs, and ships the product directly to the customer by charging you the wholesale price cost.
  • You keep the profit from the selling price. 

Note: You can choose to sell the products on your online store at any price as per your own choice. 

What can I do with this business myself?

  • You can add/edit/delete/modify any banner/ images/ content/ pro product-category glory/ sub-category of your online store.
  • You can also upload your own products (if any) to sell through your store.
  • Your drop shipper has millions of products in thousands of different business niches, and you can bulk import unlimited products/categories to your website from the drop shipper’s website. There are no limitations on importing the product; it can be 1000, 10000, 50000 or even 100000. The process is so easy and quick
  • You can edit the prices of any product as per your own choice; you can set your profits & margins on them straightforwardly.

Note: You will get a 40-minute on-call technical training with our technical experts. Also, an account manager will be assigned to you for any quick help or support in future.

What's included when I buy this business?

  • Logo & Brand Creation
  • Website domain name with all its files and assets
  • Website Hosting Server with Unlimited Emails
  • FREE SSL Certificate with LIFETIME Validity
  • Mobile Device Responsive design
  • Payment gateway integration (PayPal, Stripe or any other)
  • Thousands of Products preloaded
  • Indexed and ranking on Google generating organic traffic
  • Complete Training in handling the whole business
  • Google Ads Coupon Code 100 USD
  • Bing Ads Coupon Code 100 USD
  • FREE Marketing and Technical Support
  • Drop Shipper Sign Up
  • List of USA/UK based Drop-shipping Suppliers PDF
  • Facebook Winning Ads Template 2022 PDF
  • Top 20 Profitable Instagram Influencers PDF
  • 186 USA/UK Drop-shipping Suppliers
  • Facebook Winning Ads Template 2022 Pdf
  • 17 Ways to Generate 1000’s Of New Leads
  • Our Top 20 Profitable Instagram Influencers
  • 97+ Product Ideas For 2022
  • Drop-shipping Blueprint 2.0
  • Facebook Ads Blueprint 2022
  • Google Ads Blueprint 2022
  • Top 100 Most Profitable Influencers 2022
  • Speedy Start-Up PDF

Free Sell Back Guarantee

This business comes with Free Sell Back Guarantee, so your money is always safe & secured. It’s just an investment that will ultimately give a money return for sure.


Q. What platform do you use to build the online businesses/stores?

A. WordPress

Q. Is there any other hidden cost of this business apart from the mentioned cost?

A. It’s the one time cost we’re taking, and there are no other hidden charges at all.

Q. What would be an expected income from this business?

A. SKY is the limit; you already have great examples of AMAZON, eBay and many other e-commerce businesses. Even if you get only 20 sales/orders a day, you would be earning a good amount of money monthly.

Q. Do I need the experience to run this business?

A. No Experience Required! It is entirely automatic business.

Q. How many hours does this business take to run every week?

A. 5 to 20 hours per week are enough, depending on the number of orders you receive.

Q. Will you give me training on how to operate it?

A. Yes, you will get complete technical training from our experts.

Q. Do I need to work every day on this business?

A. It’s an entirely automatic business, so there is no need to invest your time regularly.

Q. When will I get my business delivered once I purchase it?

A. Within 24 hours only.

Q. How would I receive payments from this website sales into my bank account?

A. You can use any payment gateway of your own choice. We recommend going with PayPal or Stripe, which are the most trustworthy payment gateways presently in the market and people like them a lot. We will integrate the same with your website, so all the payments will come directly into your bank account.

Q. I have my products to add to this online store. Can I do that?

A. Of course, you can.

Q. How do you provide support in future?

A. We offer lifetime support with five different channels: WhatsApp Chat, Phone Call, Facebook Messenger Chat, Email, and SKYPE Chat.

Q. I can’t see my country’s local currency on the DEMO website. Can it be changed to my local currency?

A. Of course! It can be. You can even customise it so that any user can see their local currency, no matter which country they visit on the website. It is called ‘Geo Graphical location detection and the currency changer process’.

Q. Can this drop shipper deliver these products to the whole world if I want to sell them worldwide?

A. Yes, It can. These businesses are specially designed to do business worldwide, so this drop shipper can also ship these items worldwide.

Q. Can I choose a name of my own choice for this business?

A. You are independent to choose any of your choices (For example,

Benefits & Facilities

‘Work From Home’ as it’s an online business. Get self-dependency as you will become an online business owner running side-by-side and your current business/job and giving you extra income regularly. You get daily sales, which means you get daily income into your pocket. We are giving you a readymade online business with a bundled package that is all set to start from day one, so you don’t need to take any further headaches.

Become a Global Leader

You can run this business from anywhere in the world and can sell to the whole world without any bars, and that’s the natural beauty of this business.

Market & Competition

Competition doesn’t matter in the online market as there are hundreds of online companies, and the fact is that everyone is making money on its level. AMAZON/EBAY makes millions of dollars every day, and a small website owner makes hundreds of dollars every day, but everyone makes money on its level. You need to keep would help if you kept working, and soon your website will also become a big one.




Total Investment:


Total Investment:
$173 AUD


Total Investment:
$173 AUD


Total Investment:
$173 AUD


Total Investment:
$173 AUD

Gold Coast

Total Investment:
$173 AUD


Total Investment:
$173 AUD


Total Investment:
$173 AUD


Total Investment:
$173 AUD


Total Investment:
$173 AUD


Total Investment:


Total Investment:


Total Investment:


Total Investment:


Total Investment: