06 February 2024

What was your career background prior to starting your Refresh Renovations™ business? 

I'm an Electrical Engineer. Worked in IT Operations, leading data centre support teams and teams to migrate systems and deploy new technologies.

What attracted you to Refresh™ as a business opportunity? 

Startup cost, structured process, well developed website, leveraging the experience of other franchisees, and being part of a franchise team who are not in competition with each other and who share a common goal.

What is the market opportunity? 

Every house is built once but will be renovated many times... It's cheaper to invest in house alterations/additions than selling the house and buying another property which may still require renovation.

What is the biggest challenge running this type of business? 

Market fluctuations, competition from small players, and ongoing running cost when business is slow.

What is your best advice to run a great Refresh™ Renovation business? 

Partner with a good builder and have the finances to grow up the Team.

‍Who is the ideal Refresh™ owner? 

Someone who has good sales and project management skills and some knowledge of the building and renovation process.

Why is the Refresh™ model so compelling for customers? 

Structured and clear, and every phase is independent where the client has the freedom to set their own pace for the project.

What do you think of Refresh™’s marketing, and what are the most effective techniques you’ve used to find new customers?

Website is well developed and attracts good traffic. Google ads produce the majority of leads.

What is it like working with clients? 

I like working with people and get lot of satisfaction from delivering a high quality renovation and fulfilling the dreams of customers.

What were key hires for you as you started building out your team? 

Experienced builder with good communication skills, and office admin.

Any advice for the start-up phase? 

Be patient and ask many questions, other franchisees are willing to share their experience as your success reflects good on their business and the brand name.

Would you do it again? 


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