How we support our Franchisees

01 February 2024

Consumers spend billions worldwide on renovations but usually have a terrible experience and are often unhappy with the final result, currently, 40% of renovations end in disputes due to escalating budgets and missed deadlines. The reason for this is that the renovation market is highly fragmented and disorganized. Refresh has been established to provide homeowners with a better experience and outcome for their renovations. Following years of research and experience in the construction market Refresh has been developed to create a large scale, professional building company focused on the renovation market. Refresh has invested heavily in developing processes and IT systems that reduce costs and risks as well as improving the experience and outcomes for renovation projects. The highly structured business model, driven by award-winning marketing has enabled Refresh to rapidly establish itself as the leading renovation building company in the world. Refresh Renovations is providing an opportunity for you to gain a foothold in this huge market. We provide you with the marketing, systems and processes to enable you to grow a multi-million dollar business.

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