Royal Stacks, the king of burgers franchise evolution

09 December 2022

It is no surprise that Royal Stacks has cemented its place firmly in the franchise industry. Bringing restaurant values to fast-casual dining, the popular burger chain prides itself on offering restaurant-quality food. 

From its inception in 2016, the brand developed a loyal fanbase and gained the respect and love of Melbourne's burger lovers. Authentic flair is infused into every location, adding its own style to the restaurant. It is safe to say that Royal Stacks have set the benchmark extraordinarily high.

Dani Zeini, founded the brand out of a passion for burgers and people. It is paramount to him that staff, customers, and franchise partners are adequately taken care of. Dani is fully committed to ensuring a healthy work-life balance and providing employees and franchise partners with personal development opportunities. To maintain high levels of output quality, Royal Stacks encourages consistent physical and mental breaks on their days off, as well as self-care and meditation practices.

This cult-classic burger joint recently snagged first place for the Best Burger In The World based on Big 7 Travel’s blog, wrapping up their conclusion based on editorial experience, critic reviews, customer feedback, location and accessibility, presentation, value for money and atmosphere. 

‘ This cult-classic burger joint is no stranger to our burger roundups, but this is the first time it’s nabbed first place. What swung the vote? A funky new location at the Emporium. Choose from 13 delicious pattys loaded up with ooey-gooey cheese and served alongside potato in almost every form, from french fries to cheesy potato gems. It’s as good as it sounds.’ - Big 7 Travel Team

Their exclusive menu is filled with the Royal Stacks personality, with quirky names for their burgers, such as the “Regina George”, “Queen Bee” and “Sir Dustin Johnson”. Their beef is sourced from rural Australia, pasture-fed, GMO-free, with no hormones or antibiotics, and minced fresh daily, so no frozen patties. Royal Stacks is so precise with their food that their beef is their own specific blend that was chosen for its textural components, its mix, the type of blade chosen and temperature controlled. Their bread is their own secret recipe, and their menu also offers halal options. They have also added eco-friendly packaging and the overall elimination of packaging and food wastage in their processes and procedures. 

Along with the brand's recent feature as the number 1 best burger in the world, Royal stacks boasts a number of franchise locations, with many set to open soon. 

  • Doncaster road (opening soon)
  • Melbourne Collins street
  • Clyde (opening soon)
  • Preston (opening soon)
  • Craigieburn (opening soon)
  • Moorabbin Trading
  • Brunswick trading 
  • Melbourne quarter trading 
  • Emporium trading 
  • Chadstone trading 
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground 

DC Strategy partnered with Royal Stacks to launch the franchise sales and recruitment campaign, in search of entrepreneurs looking to successfully launch and grow with a franchise network across Australia.

James Young, head of franchise development comments on the burger brand's recent success throughout not only the franchise world but the restaurant industry as well,

‘Royal stacks provides an amazing opportunity for franchisees to join a passionate and committed team. First and foremost, the quality of the burger and the food is the best of the best! Dani as the founder is an expert in hospitality and has developed a team that is focused on supporting his franchisees and is creating something special! I encourage you to learn more about the franchise opportunity and see if it is right for you.’ - James Young.

Royal Stacks has grown exponentially, with future plans to continue to expand and revolutionise the burger world. Franchising with Royal Stacks has never looked more desirable, with a myriad of benefits as well as a reputation that only confirms The brand's ‘ The King’ status. 

If you would like to learn more about franchising with Royal Stacks and how you can join their growing kingdom, enquire now.

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