Franchisee takes a second bite!

22 July 2022

Franchisee takes a second bite!

Motto Motto is open for dine-in across New South Wales again and all their stores are benefiting from the easing of restrictions across Australia.


Despite the lockdowns and constant changes for businesses, Motto Motto has seen steady growth in the last two years. With 10 existing stores now in operation throughout Queensland and New South Wales, the team are preparing for a big year in 2022 and plan to open more locations and introduce their Japanese cuisine to more people around Australia.


Motto Motto is thrilled to have all their stores open once again with COO Matt Fickling confirming that all locations are back open for dine-in. “Castle Towers, Macquarie Centre and our latest Marrickville restaurant are all open for dine-in again, as well as pick up and delivery! We have seen a massive increase in sales and it’s been fantastic to see regular and new customers enjoying our famous dishes, not to mention trying our new burgers!” said Matt.


Their newest franchise location has just been sold in the beautiful Westfield Garden City, Queensland, to their first franchisees Frank Jiang and Linda Zhang, who have now invested in their second Motto Motto restaurant.


The always innovative brand upgraded its menu to include its latest invention: Japanese-inspired burgers. In true Motto Motto style, their new burger offering keeps their flavours authentic, with no processing, mince or use of patties. The menu consists of 4 reimagined burgers: wagyu cheeseburger, spicy chicken karaage, lobster and prawn burger, and pork katsu burger.  


This new product category offering will greatly support Motto Motto’s restaurants and in turn, support their franchise partners. These newly introduced burgers have reached as high as 18% of total net sales via takeaway alone, with the figure growing week by week.


They have also just recently opened their 10th store in the now refurbished Marrickville Metro hub which will blend Marrickville’s rising population catering to the influx of growth in the location, which is predicted to grow to 437,000 by the end of 2021 .


As a Motto Motto owner-operator, franchise partners will be part of a new age and unique brand that is built on doing things differently, as well as a growing array of distinct products.


Motto Motto is looking for franchisees nationally, as they grow their trajectory across New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.


They implement fresh, locally sourced ingredients delivered daily to their contemporary restaurants, partnering with Australia’s best producers. A menu such as theirs combines the expertise, taste, credentials and skill of premium fine dining, whilst maintaining the pricing so that more can enjoy it. 


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