Faye McDonough, Altrincham & Hale

11 February 2015

Why did you decide on a Bright & Beautiful franchise?

Because it would give me the financial stability but more than anything it would give me the time I wanted and needed to be with my children as a single mum, and it did!!

How long have you been a franchisee?

3.5 years.

What are your top three favourite things about being a franchisee? 

Quoting and telling people about our great business, employing so many people (around 17) and having the support of HQ whilst still being my own boss.

How does it differ to your previous jobs/roles?

Better hours and much more money and the opportunity to do things for myself, stretching my wings and having independence.

How does it affect your family life?

It makes it better as we can do more things financially (like buy my house) and I get to choose my hours, not many jobs let you do that

How many people do you employ?  How do you find managing people? Have you got plans to increase the number?

Approx 17. Hands on approach, friendly, understanding and open door policy.

Do you enjoy a better quality of living?

Absolutely!  I am now in my own home rather than renting, holidays, treats, new car! …

What are your plans for the business for the next three/five years?

Grow and employ more people, expand mentoring to other businesses (within B&B Group) expand range of services – more laundry and ironing, carpet cleaning, and maybe housekeeping with cooking / meal planning  etc.

How do you find being your own boss?

I love it, it comes with its pressures of course but it is very satisfying

What are the biggest challenges you have faced as a business owner?  How have you overcome them? 

Employing so many staff and juggling ‘people’ whilst offering a very hands on service based business to our clients – wanting to keep it all personal for each client.

Do you carry out any cleaning yourself?


Does the environmental angle of the business affect how many clients you have?

In a positive way yes, a lot of client come to us because we are eco-friendly.

What's your split of clients? I.e. working mums/men/age etc?

I have around 200 clients, mainly women that organise the service, I have around 10 single men only, age approx. between 25 and 55 although I do have some in the 55 to 90 bracket!

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