Sarah Reeves, Buckinghamshire

10 February 2015

Sarah Reeves, had worked in the construction industry for 20 years before losing her job in 2006. With two children to support, Jamie and Rebecca, she quickly retrained to work for a domiciliary care agency for six years as a business manager before being made redundant again in 2012. 

Not one to be beaten, Sarah decided to go it alone by launching her own domestic cleaning business, Bright & Beautiful, in the village where she has lived since 1999.

1. Why did you decide on a Bright & Beautiful franchise?

Because I thought it was a very good concept, liked the branding and thought it was a business that would do really well in the area I live in.

2. What is your background and how does it differ to your previous jobs/roles?

Was a Company Secretary for a care agency responsible for accounting, payroll, legal, marketing, HR, facilities etc.

3. How long have you been a franchisee?

Just over 2 years.

4. What have been the main differences between year 1 and year 2 of growing and developing your business?

The business has become easier to run with more staff and more clients. We have established a good routine with clear areas of responsibility and a defined staff structure. The business is becoming better known in the area which increases enquiries.

5. How has running your own business for 2 years enhanced your confidence and ability to deal with typical business challenges?

I have learnt not to take things so personally and if an issue arises put more of a business head on and take a step back.

6. As a business owner, how do you find the franchisee support from Head Office?

The support from all the ladies is fabulous, Hyacinth, my Franchise Development Consultant just understands the way in which I work but keeps me focussed and on track. The ladies always have good practical ideas if I can’t necessarily think of solutions myself.

7. How many people do you employ?  How do you find managing people? Have you got plans to increase the number?

8 - All of my teams are great, have very few staffing issues. I am currently recruiting more!

8. What's your split of clients? I.e. working mums/men/age etc.?

My clients include a mixture of retired people, busy working professionals, independent businesses and stay at home mums.

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